Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Walk in Kyiv, Ukraine: May 24, 2013

The walkway down to the Pedestrian Bridge

Since I returned to Kyiv early, this morning I was able to join the IWCK walking group.  Rain was forecast but the walk was on.  The walk took us from Khreschtyk Park over the Dnipro River via the pedestrian bridge to trails on Trukhaniv Island.

 Pedestrian Bridge
 Dnipro River

 The Island

During the summer, the sandy beaches are covered with sunbathers.  Today, the only things near the water were mosquitos.

My friends advised me to never, ever step on a manhole cover in Ukraine.  If the cover is actually there, it will most likely shift or drop down when you put your full weight on it.  Often the covers are stolen and sold for scrape.  Makeshift hazard signs in the form of broken limbs are often stood in the hole to warn drivers away.  Not much good at night, though.

 Traffic Jam along the Dnipro

We finished the walk without being rained on.

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