Saturday, June 8, 2013

June Weddings: June 8, 2013

Back in Kyiv with a free weekend, we took advantage of the International Festival of Visual Art and visited a couple of photography exhibits.  Both were quite interesting, but the one that had the biggest impact was work by Viktoria Sorochinski.  Her Anna & Eve series was fascinating.  We asked the gallery for a price list--none.  We asked the gallery for her card or website--none.  He referred us to Facebook if we wanted to contact her.  I don't understand the lack of marketing sense here.  Anyway, she is at

The weather was very comfortable, and everywhere we wandered, we saw brides posing for photos.

On the way back to our apartment, we found a pedestrian bridge known as the "kissing bridge."  Locks with names and dates on them are locked on the ironwork of the bridge, and lovers throw their keys into the river.  There are also small strips of cloth left in remembrance of something or someone.  Some lovers simply leave behind only their names painted on the railings.

At the far side of the bridge is a lovely sculpture of an older couple embracing.  The story is this:

"It was in 1943.  He - an Italian POW, she- a Ukrainian displaced worker.  Luigi Peduto and Mokryna Yurzuk met in a Austrian war camp to spend two years together.  The war bonded them, and the war did them apart.
Luigi will remember the Ukrainian beauty with dimples on her cheeks for all his life... And will find her after 60 years.  They will meet in 2004, on InterTV Channel's show "Zhdi menya", to reveal to the world that love conquers distances, overpowers time, and out fights war!"

And, if all else fails and a man simply cannot find his perfect love, there are many marriage brokers in Ukraine.  My favorite sign getting right to the point is for ""

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