Recent Work and Favorites

Here are some more of my current favorite photographs. All images were taken with a digital camera, uploaded to my computer, and digitally enhanced to a greater or lesser extent. All are printed on archival papers with archival pigment inks. Some are in exhibitions, some are in galleries, all are for sale. To inquire, please email.

Night Birds, Skopje, Macedonia 2012
Carpe Diem, Botswana 2016
The Francolin, Botswana 2016
Mitoh, Botswana 2016
Giraffe, Botswana 2016
Impala Boys' Club, Savuti, Botswana, 2016
Pelican, Galapagos, Ecuador, 2015
Qashqai Dancers, near Shiraz, Iran 2008/2015
Buzkashi Scrum, Tajikistan 2011
Rock Lifter, Kala, Georgia 2008
Fumarole, Iceland 2015
"Transmutation", Cairo, Egypt 2012/2016

"Transmutation" began with a photograph of one wall of Cairo's revolution graffiti. The graffiti reflected the idealism, hope for a better life. I layered and warped the image to show the chaotic, blurred aftermath of the revolution. The graffiti wall no longer exists; the revolution shattered. It received a Juror's Award in the "Chaos" show ARC Gallery 2016.

Gull on a Berg, Alaska 2015
Ice Sculptures, Alaska 2015
Alaskan Moonlight, Alaska 2015
Aberration, Tenakee Springs, Alaska 2015

The reflection caught my eye because the pattern created by the water's slow undulations created patterns used in textiles produced in Uzbekistan. Here is the creation story for the dyeing/weaving technique Uzbeks call "aber-band."  The "aber-band" pattern in "Aberration" was created in water.
A young weaver fell in love with a beautiful girl. He asked her father (the master weaver) for permission to marry her. The master said he would consent if the young weaver could weave something completely unique. The young man was distraught for days trying to imagine what he could weave that would be completely new. One day, he was laying by the river gazing up at the wispiness of the clouds and came up with an idea. He tied off sections of silk threads and dipped those lengths of silk (the warp) into a dye. When he was finished with the weaving, the textile had a cloud-like separation between the color and the areas that were not dyed. Her father was delighted and the young weaver was allowed to marry. His creation, "aber-band," means cloud - tie.  
The Bather, Tenakee Springs, Alaska 2015
Bright Spot on a Winter Day, Sacramento Valley east of Marysville, California 2015
Ibis Sunset, Sacramento Valley east of Marysville, California 2015
Sunrise at the Lifeboat Station, Point Reyes, California 2015
Sunset at Point Reyes, California 2015

Polishing Guanyin, DaNang, Vietnam 2010
Guanyin, Goddess of Mercy, Japan 2016
Sumo Ninja, Tokyo, Japan 2016
Swan Boats, Japan 2016
Heads Waiting, Khiva, Uzbekistan 2014
Red Shoes, Placerville, California 2016