Recent and not so Recent Work

Photography has saved me many times when I travel as a trailing spouse with no idea of how I will occupy my days. Wherever I am, getting lost in the creative process restores my soul. The day after the 2016 presidential election I began working on a photograph and at the end of the evening I realized that I was smiling again and felt happy. The image below is of a group of white-backed vultures roosting in Botswana. They are a species that is critically endangered much the way Truth is critically endangered today. The photograph was taken in the early morning, and I call it "Carpe Diem".
Carpe Diem, Botswana 2016
2nd Place, Sacramento Fine Arts Center, 2017 Animal House Exhibit
Here are some more of my current favorite photographs. All images were taken with a digital camera, uploaded to my computer, and digitally enhanced to a greater or lesser extent. All are printed on archival papers with archival pigment inks. Some are in exhibitions, some are in galleries, all are for sale. To inquire, please email.

Mitoh, Botswana 2016
Merit Award 2016 50th Anniversary Mother Lode National Art Show Placerville Arts Association

Giraffe, Botswana 2016

Island Builders, Okavango Delta, Botswana 2016
The Audience, Cairo, Egypt, 2010/reworked 2015
"Animal House" Show, Sacramento Fine Arts Center January 2016
Pelican, Galapagos, Ecuador, 2015
3rd Place "Animal House" Show, Sacramento Fine Arts Center
Shy Fawn, at my house in Diamond Springs, CA, 2015

The Painter, near Shiraz, Iran 2008/2016
Qashqai Dancers, near Shiraz, Iran, 2008/2015

Zion's Sheep, Zion National Park 2015
Buzkashi Scrum, Tajikistan, taken in 2011/reworked in 2015

Rock Lifter, Kala, Georgia taken in 2008/reworked in 2015
Aware of Merit in the Magnum Opus Show at Sacramento Fine Arts Center July 19-August 13, 2016
Goddess of Mercy, Japan 2016
"Transmutation" began with a photograph of one wall of Cairo's revolution graffiti. The graffiti reflected the idealism, hope for a better life. I layered and warped the image to show the chaotic, blurred aftermath of the revolution. The graffiti wall no longer exists; the revolution shattered. It received a Juror's Award in the "Chaos" show ARC Gallery 2016.

"Transmutation", Cairo, Egypt 2012

Gulls in Flight, Alaska, 2015
Part of Viewpoint Gallery's 2015 "Photoshopped" show
Award of Merit 2016 California State Fair July 8-24, 2016

Gull on a Berg, Alaska, 2015
Croatian Trees, 2012/printed 2016
Alaskan Moonlight, Alaska 2015
Once...., Kopachi Village (too near Chernobyl), Ukraine 2013
This year, 2016, marks the 30-year anniversary of the nuclear disaster that began on April 26, 1986, at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. As a result of the Chernobyl disaster, 96 towns and villages in Ukraine no longer exist. Generations of people were born, married, made families, and thrived in these villages. With the sudden chaos of the nuclear disaster, the residents of these 96 villages were wrenched from everything familiar, forced to leave, and leave everything behind.
The image “Once…” was made in Kopachi Village in Ukraine and evidences the aftermath of this tragic, traumatic event. Kopachi is one of the dead villages. It was a village of mostly wooden structures.  A few days after the initial disaster, another occurred when it rained and its wooden structures absorbed the radiation that fell from the sky along with the rain. The Soviets decided the best plan was to demolish the structures and cover the rubble with dirt. Later, it was discovered that as rainwater seeped through the soil, it became highly radioactive, creating radioactive groundwater. The groundwater further contaminated the streams and spread the range of contamination.

The kindergarten, a brick structure, still stands in Kopachi Village. I visited this school, and this is where the image of the abandoned tricycle was made. The geiger readings taken at the unpaved areas surrounding the school were still dangerously high. I did not linger but my questions remain. I wonder what became of the children who played with this toy. And, what of their parents and grandparents parted permanently from their family histories and all that was familiar. How did they survive the chaos of a sudden disaster and the subsequent displacement of their lives?

The Bather, Tenake Springs, Alaska 2015
Quiet Light, Point Reyes, California 2015
Sunrise at the Lifeboat Station, Point Reyes, CA 2015
Sunset at Point Reyes, CA 2015
Polishing Guanyin, DaNang, Vietnam 2010
Sumo Ninja, Tokyo, Japan 2016

Swan Boats, Japan 2016
Red Shoes, Placerville, California 2016