Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day - Spring Wins: February 29, 2012

Winter and Spring continued their struggle and this morning we woke to fresh snow.  But spring refused to give up calling on the wind to drive out the clouds.  By late afternoon, most of the clouds were gone and the sun had triumphed.  The wind stayed behind and every flag in Skopje (and there are a lot of them) was flying proudly.

The quality of the afternoon light on the rare moments when we see it is lovely.  This afternoon everything was glowing--such a change from our normal gray days.  So, in honor of Spring’s win, here are some photos of all the glowing flags.

The above photo is taken from the other side of the River Vardar and incorporates several of the icons of Macedonia: the stone bridge, the flag, the millennium cross on Mt. Vodno, and Alexander the Great statue (Greece would disagree with this one).

Another view of the Stone Bridge bathed in beautiful light and a more distant view with Skopje’s skyline.

Skope's Fortress

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