Denmark-part 2: December 20, 2012

Today is Dan's birthday--it's a big one.  We began the day with pastries--Danish, of course.  The tender, sweet Danish pastries in Copenhagen are the best we've ever had.  The next food course was gourmet cupcakes at a shop in the Magazin Du Nord.

It is another gray day so we visited several museums: the National Museum (Nationalmuseet) and my personal favorite, the National Photography Museum and their Edward Steichen exhibit located in the new library.

Near the Parliament, we chatted with a guy who has been standing vigil every day since the war in Afganistan commenced.  It was day 4082.  Imagine.....

One of his signs had a poignant quote by US President Dwight D. Eisenhower made April 16, 1953.  

We lunched nearby at the Kanal Caféen smørrebrod restaurant.  These are usually only open for lunch.  At Christmas time, they are especially busy with locals eating Christmas lunch specialties, but we got a seat and table and our table mates helped us decipher the menu.  Smørrebrod is usually a slice of hearty Danish bread piled up topped with meats, cheeses, vegetables--an open faced sandwich that you must have a fork to eat.  This was quite unlike the US version of smorgasbord (meaning an all you can eat buffet).

In the evening, we went to a concert of Handel's Messiah at the 16th-century Church of Holmen.  The first part of the church was built by Christian IV in 1619.  Over the years, the church has been remodeled and added onto to create its current cruciform style.  Handel's music was performed in the very center of the cruciform.  It was glorious.

There were seven hours and one minute of light today.  We didn't actually see the sun today, but the sun rose at 8:36 a.m and set at 3:38 pm.  While sunrise/sunset times varied slightly each day, everyday that we are in Copenhagen, December 18-23, will have only 7 hours and one minute of light.  These are the shortest daylight days of the year here.

Statue of Hans Christian Andersen


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