A Second Chance at Fame: October 9, 2021

Another of my photos was selected for YourDailyPhotograph.com. On a road trip through the Pamirs, I took this photo in August 2011 in the town of Alichur, Tajikistan, on the road from Khorog to Murghab. The name of the town may mean Ali's Curse. The town (elevation 2987m/9800ft) is mostly populated by persons of Kyrgyz descent. The scenery was a starkly beautiful high desert landscape. We did not stay at the Marco Polo Home Stay, however. We did stay in Murghab (elevation 3650m/11975ft), the highest town in Tajikistan. We were supposed to stay 2-3 nights, but the elevation got to me and after one entire night suffering a painful headache, we left for a lower elevation.

My photo can be viewed at http://eepurl.com/hKklfr.


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