Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Third Time's a Charm?: January 19, 2022

Yesterday afternoon I submitted three more photos to This morning, I received  the daily email from that, to my surprise, offered this photograph of mine for sale. 

I took this photograph in June 2021 on a photography workshop to the Palouse area of Washington State. The area is in the Eastern portion of the state at the border with Idaho. 

The views of Palouse were so lovely, and I took lots of photos during this short trip. Five days later we traveled to Tanzania for a two-week vacation where I also took lots of photos. I was so overwhelmed with photo processing and catching up on everything at home, that I didn't write any blog entries about Palouse and I didn't work on any of those photos until this week. 

Maybe this third opportunity on offer will be charmed. My image can be found at

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