Winter, Explained: January 2023

Just before Dan and I headed to Uganda, I answered an artists' call for the theme "Winter, Explained" from We began the long journey to Uganda on Jan 5 and returned home on Jan 21. During the time I was in Uganda, I didn't have much time to think about my entries or have access to social media. While in transit home, Jan 20, I received an email confirmation that this photograph had been selected for the theme. Like our journey to Uganda, or return home was long: First flight was 5+ hours from Entebbe to Doha; 12-hour layover in Doha (we did have a room at the transit hotel but difficult to rest midday); 17-hour flight from Doha to Dallas; and 3+ hours from Dallas to Sacramento. 

The title of the photograph is "Going Home." Our trip home was long, but it is nice to be back and have a chance to work on the hundreds of photos I took in Uganda.

"Going Home" is available for sale at


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