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New Website, New Blog, but the Old Blog Archive remains: September 28, 2023

After many years of wanting a real website, this month I finally have a website designed by the very knowledgeable Rey Rey Rodriguez ( TheMindOfReyRey ). My old blog,  Vacation-Travel-Adventure  continues with the same address but it is located in the "Archives" tab on my new website . The new blog which is a continuation but with much better resolution for 4K screens, it is now at .

Leaving Chisinau: November 7, 2013

As John Lennon sang, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."  Just before we left on our short trip to Romania, my 80-year old mother fell and broke her hip. Through the wonders of Skype, I have been able to talk with her everyday.  She has been in the hospital surrounded by her sister and some of my brothers.  Friends from her church have been faithfully visiting her.  My brothers who live farther away check in daily with her as well. Last week she had surgery to fix the broken hip.  The surgeons inserted a metal plate and screws to hold the joint together. The day after surgery, the staff had her begin walking with support. Yesterday, she was transferred to an intensive rehabilitation unit within the hospital.

Even with all the support she is getting, I need to go home. I want to be with her and help with the rehabilitation. If my flights are on time, I will be home late on the 7th.  I told her to expect to see me at the hospital on November 8th.

I look forward to going home, but there is much I feel that I will have missed here in Moldova. And, of course, I regret leaving Dan behind. We are not often separated, but he still has much work to do here and will return to California as planned on December 6.

So, till the next adventure........