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New Website, New Blog, but the Old Blog Archive remains: September 28, 2023

After many years of wanting a real website, this month I finally have a website designed by the very knowledgeable Rey Rey Rodriguez ( TheMindOfReyRey ). My old blog,  Vacation-Travel-Adventure  continues with the same address but it is located in the "Archives" tab on my new website . The new blog which is a continuation but with much better resolution for 4K screens, it is now at .

Here Comes the Sun, Iceland: July 2, 2014

Today began with rain like yesterday except that the wind had diminished. Yesterday, the hotel desk clerk told us a large storm would hit today. As the day went on, we realized that the storm probably hit us yesterday. Our drive today took us from the western coast to the north. I was beginning to feel like we might as well be on a bus tour of the island since we stop for lunch at the same places, don't do much walking/hiking, and take photos from the car.

Hay has already been made in Iceland; it has been cut, bundled, and wrapped. From a distance, it looks like a large bird has laid her eggs on all the bright green spots in the landscape.

After lunch in Blönduós (with the bus tours), there was a break in the rain so we took a chance and took a short hike around the Island of Hrútey. It was lovely and it didn't rain. At the end of the hike, we even saw blue skies.

And, then the sun came out. There were still bouts of rain, but the sun kept returning. To get to our destination, we crossed through the Öxnadalsheiði Mountain range with its dramatic scenery. The jagged pinnacle is Hraundrangi Peak at 1075 m (3,526 ft).

It was positively sunny when we arrived at our hotel in Akureyri, and the hotel even upgraded our room. Akureyri sits in the longest fjord in Iceland and it is a stop on the cruise ship circuit. The scenery is stunning.

While we were eating at a restaurant with a stunning view of the mountains rising up from the fjord, the weather changed briefly and we were rewarded with rainbows.

Excellent day!